Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Oh I had some fun today!  I made some hoop earrings using one of Aga's Tutorials that I posted about in a previous blog post.  These are a great way to show off some color and use more then one type of stone. Here are a few pairs, and if I get a chance later to finish the ones I am working on now, I will post those as well...

And another pair, these ones I took some gold ball chain and added it around all of the stones.  It was fun trying out different colored wire for the hoops and adding another element.  I have also posted these on my craftsy page as Aga is having a contest for a free pair of earrings to the person with the most votes!

The pair that I am working on now I made smaller hoops, and I am making them with gold colored wire, and red stones and beads.  I am looking forward to how these turn out.


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