Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jewel Chandeliers

Today was a great day to do some more beading.  I have more class projects to show off, and I am starting to collect quite a nice collection of beads and wire.  I am finding that the best part of the jewelry that I am making is the wire part.  Don't get me wrong I like beads, and sparkly things, what girl doesn' I love to play with the wire, to manipulate it into shapes and "findings" as they are called in the jewelry world.

I am getting better at circles with my needle nose pliers.  And I am finding that wrapping wire is also getting easier.  With these chandelier earrings there is a lot of wrapping as you make each section.  I plan on making a necklace using this technique of wire wrapping both ends of a bead to create a link.  I am thinking maybe pink pearls, with some sort of pink beaded pendant, something simple, but a nice addition to all the pearls running around the chain.

Here are the Chandelier earrings that I made...


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